Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things Are Gonna Get Crazy(er) Around Here!

I was sitting at my desk at home one night recently when our wireless printer suddenly began cranking out a print job - this means that Kelly is printing something from her laptop in the other room.

After a few moments Kelly yelled from the other room if the printer was working. Without even glancing up from my own computer I yelled back that it was.

A few moments after that Kelly appeared in my doorway slightly annoyed and asking me to hand her the print out. I, being slightly annoyed at the interruption and at the fact that even though she had walked all the way from the other room she could not walk the final 5 feet to the printer, quickly turned to grab her print out. And this is what I found . . .

After shedding the guilt I had about being annoyed at my wife while she was in such a delicate condition, I found myself elated with the realization that we're going to have a baby!

(Oh, man! We're going to have another baby!)

So already here come all the same thoughts all over again! What is the baby going to look like? Which name are we going to pick? How are going to handle two kids at once? How are we going to afford two kids at once? What are the chances he will grow up to win the Super Bowl MVP while playing for the Dallas Cowboys? You know, the typical stuff!

The answers to all those questions will come soon enough. As for now, we're praising God for his miracle of life and his many blessings! I pray that he keep both Kelly and the baby comfortably in his hands - that's the best place they could be!

Meanwhile, feel free to drop by with any donations, er, suggestions on how to survive with two!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Tate-ism #18

Tate began his bedtime prayer the other night by saying:

"Dear God, thank you for washing your hands."

It's pretty obvious he's trying to pass on the positive reinforcement he has been getting lately.