Thursday, September 28, 2006

Warm fuzzy feelings!

Yesterday was filled with warm fuzzy feelings!

The first one came during our sonogram appointment. Tate has gotten big! Kelly tells me not to get too hung up on it but I can't help but be a proud daddy!

And since Tate keeps using Kelly's pancreas as a punching bag I can only assume that he is getting strong as well!

Yep, big and strong - that's the way we Strzinek's grow 'em!

(Some of you are laughing right now because you remember what a bean pole I was in high school. But as far as bean poles go, I tended to be the bigger and stronger of the bunch!)

Continuing on now . . .

Here are a couple of pictures of Tate.

The black & white says 'Good Morning' because we had to wake him up in order to get him to move so that we could get a good shot.

Our sonogram lady had an interesting technique of waking Tate up: placing a plate on Kelly's stomach and banging on it with a metal spoon! It woke up babies in Oklahoma!

Once Tate woke up it was amazing to see his eyes open and look around. Supposedly his eyes are open in the black & white picture. We also watched him yawn!

(Enter warm fuzzy feelings!)

But I also got warm fuzzy feelings later yesterday afternoon when we received an answer to a prayer Kelly, myself and so many others have been praying for such a long time.

Our friends, Jody & Janell, went to a sonogram appointment as well. They were hoping to find a little baby - they found two!!!!

Twins! Yeah God!

We're so happy for you, Jody & Janell!

Gotta love those warm fuzzy feelings!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Kelly-ism #4 (She's on a roll, folks!)

As Kelly and I were driving to church last Sunday we were listening to Sunday Morning Praise on KLTY when we heard a song with the lyric, "God's eye is on the sparrow."

Kelly asked, "Remind me, Wade - why do I care if God's eye is on the sparrow?"

I, welcoming the opportunity to show off my vast theological wisdom (sarcasm!), answered, "Well, if he makes an effort to watch a little sparrow then, because you are his child, you know that he definitely cares about you and is watching you."

Kelly took a moment to think and then said, "Or maybe God is just really into bird watching!"

There's one thing about life with Kelly: Never a dull moment!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Robert Tate Strzinek

That's his name!!!

I gave Kelly an "end-of-September" deadline to make up her mind on our short list of names for our baby boy. She caught me a little by surprise by deciding so quickly. And why wouldn't she with such a great name like Robert Tate Strzinek?

He'll be a 3rd generation Robert - my dad and I both share Robert as our first name. But like me, he'll go by his middle name. Kelly was the one who actually thought of Tate - I knew that was the right name as soon as I heard it.

Funny how that happens. For so long, I was worried about how I would know (See What's in a Name). But as soon as Kelly said it - I knew, "Robert Tate! That's his name!"

Those of you close to me know that ever since then I've been dropping not-so-subtle hints to Kelly that Tate was my favorite.

Now I get to start on his nicknames. So far I've got "Little Man Tate" and "Tate-r-tot".

Saturday, September 23, 2006

QOTW Results: Just when you think you know your blog audience . . .

My question was: "You would like to have 2 tickets to watch your favorite team play in the . . . "

Your choices were: (1) NFL Super Bowl, (2) NBA Championship, (3) NHL Stanley Cup Finals, (4) MLB World Series

You chose: "Forget the sports! Give me 2 tickets to see Oprah!"

(I can't believe I have a picture of Oprah on my blog!!)

Seriously folks! We gotta talk! I put that choice in at the last minute just so that the non-sports fan would still have something to choose from!!

I guess I've learned something new about my blog audience today. I would have never known that the majority of you would rather watch Oprah in person than watch a national champion be crowned!

(Maybe it has something to do with you achieving your dreams rather than watching someone else achieve theirs!! Oooo, deep!)

But, that's cool! It's all good! Maybe I'll glace through an O Magazine while standing in the check out line so that I can learn more about your likes and dislikes . . . But what if someone sees me reading Oprah's magazine? . . . Well, so much for that idea!!

Don't worry - I'll figure out some way to accommodate all you Oprah fans. Just don't be expecting any free cars just for reading my blog!!

Total votes: 16

Oprah: 7 votes, 43%

NFL Super Bowl: 5 votes, 31%

NBA Championship: 2 votes, 12%

NHL Stanley Cup Finals: 2 votes, 12%

MLB World Series: 0 votes


My next question is in honor of my wife - who recently drove through the City of Alvarado, Texas at an excessive rate of speed!

Can anyone say 'deferred judification'?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Kelly-ism #3

So I’m sitting in my office working on my computer when my 7-month pregnant wife comes in and says, “I’m big, aren’t I?”

Immediately, internal alarm systems went off – ‘Don’t answer that question!!!’

I initiated selective-hearing in hopes that the question would just go away. ‘Just keep starring at your computer!’

Kelly persisted, “Don’t you think I’ve gotten big?”


All I could think to say was a very weak, “Birth is beautiful . . . ?”

Luckily she was in a good mood and didn’t notice the sweat beads on my forehead . . . just 76 more days!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Me, cat lover? Eh, not so much!

I've never liked cats. Which is fine because they have never liked me.

I was 7 years old when I had my one and only cat - his name was Junior and he was completely black. He hissed everytime I came near. Even when I was just walking through the room he would just glare at me like he was thinking, "That's right, kid! Just keep on walking!"

Junior never appreciated the way I always wanted to take care of him and be a good cat owner. Like the time I noticed that Junior bad breath - I put some toothpaste on my toothbrush and proceeded to brush his teeth.

You know how peanut butter will sometimes get stuck to the roof of your mouth? And then you spend the rest of the day smacking and licking peanut butter? Apparently the same thing happens to a cat when you put toothpaste in his mouth!

From then on Junior kept to himself and I, in order to avoid cat scratches, kept to myself.

I'm sure this was the same type of relationship the little boy walking down my street last night had with his cat.

While I was mowing my front yard, I noticed a boy who seemed too young to be out by himself walking down the sidewalk. I could tell he was looking for something so I asked him if everything was alright.

"Have you seen my cat?" He said without introducing himself.

"No. What does he look like?"

"He has fur and a really long tail." That narrowed it down a bit.

"Well, what should I do if I find him?" I expected the little boy to give me directions to his house.

"I dunno." He gave me a blank look like he hadn't thought that far ahead yet. Then he continued . . .

"My dad says I can't have a dog because I already have a cat. So if you find him you can just keep him."

"Gee . . . thanks."

Boy continued down the sidewalk.

Don't get me wrong - cats aren't totally useless. The video below shows that they do carry some entertainment value.

(Double-click play button to start video)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

One Man's Junk, Another Man's Treasure

There's one reason and one reason only to have a garage sell - to get rid of junk.

You can't have a garage sell in order to make money. Case in point, here are a few of the hot deals going down in my drive way early yesterday morning . . . around 6 AM!!

Nintendo 64 and 12 games (around $500 new): $10
The $200 22-inch TV I bought my sophomore year at ACU: $20
The $150 VCR I bought to go with my TV: $10
Our really nice (and extremely heavy) $500 entertainment center: $40 - yeah, that one hurt!

We got rid of a lot of stuff - but we didn't make much money doing it. I think the final take came to around $140 - which actually isn't too bad for a few hours of work.

I've always felt weird having garage sales. You're basically telling people, "Hey! Come buy junk I don't want anymore!" And when they walk away without buying anything it's hard not to take it personally, "What's the matter? Don't you like my junk? You think your junk is any better?"

The biggest acheivement of the day: Now that we are a one TV family (gasp!), Kelly has agreed to purchasing a new TV for our new armoire!! Whoo-hoo!

But here's where I need everybody's help. Somebody please tell Kelly that it is a waste of money to purchase a HDTV without purchasing the HDTV package from Dish Network!!

QOTW results

"Which new fall TV show are you most excited about?"

Looks like everyone is buying into the hype! Let's hope Studio 60 doesn't get the Friends jinx (also known as the Seinfeld jinx) - nobody goes on to do anything significant in thier first post-Friends project. But I have to admit, I'll TiVo Studio 60 and give it a shot.

There were 2 votes for "Other" - I'd like to hear which shows they were for.

Total Votes: 22
Studio 60: 7 votes, 31%
Twenty Good Years: 5 votes, 22%
Brothers & Sisters: 2 votes, 9%
Heroes: 2 votes, 9%
Other: 2 votes, 9%
30 Rock: 1 vote, 4%
Jericho: 1 vote, 4%
Friday Night Lights: 1 vote, 4%
NFL MNF on ESPN: 1 vote, 4%
Happy Hour: 0 votes
Kidnapped: 0 votes
The Nine: 0 votes

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Messin' With Sasquatch!

Here's my new favorite TV commercial! You never can go wrong with Sasquatch humor!!

Click here to see all 4 commercials!

(Double-click play button to start video)

Friday, September 15, 2006

The Nesting Place, Part I

We're now officially certified to have a baby! Kelly and I graduated birthing class last weekend at The Nesting Place.

I have to admit, going in I wasn’t very excited about the all-day Saturday AND Sunday class – particularly since it was scheduled on the NFL season opening weekend. But after the Cowboys’ 24-17 loss to Jacksonville I can confidently say that I had more fun watching caesarean videos with my wife than I did watching the Cowboys cough up their season debut – well, maybe not.

But I am sure Bill Parcels could have used some of the breathing techniques Kelly and I learned!

Anywho, here’s a quick birthing class recap:

- Birth is beautiful but one ‘show-all’ video is about all I can handle.

- Caesarean birth is just as beautiful . . . but thanks, I’ll pass on the video.

- Kelly made sure that I wasn’t the wiseguy who cracked stupid jokes the entire time . . . as if I would ever do that!!

- In the ‘I didn’t know that!’ Category: I thought an epidural was just a one-time shot – but it’s an actually a catheter . . . I didn’t know that!

- I still haven’t heard a good explanation for how the baby knows to turn upside-down in order to be born. One of God’s little secrets I guess.

- It’s pretty ironic that we say a pregnant woman is “expecting” because when it comes to the actual labor and delivery she can never really know what to expect.

- Part of the class was a tour of the Maternity Ward at Baylor Grapevine – I hope we can get one of the cool birthing room suites - very nice! Although it could use a bigger TV.

- Unexpected extra that was free of charge: Kelly and I made new friends – Scott & Jennifer. We have lots in common: We both go to Dr. Cope. We both had miscarriages last year. We both drive Honda Pilots. We both worry about how our co-dependant dogs will adjust to the new baby. They live just south of 170 & Alta Vista – we live just north of 170 & Alta Vista. But the craziest of all, Scott and I wear the exact same New Balance tennis shoes . . . I know, freaky weird!

- My biggest concern coming out of the class: How in the world am I going to remember everything I just learned and still be of any use to Kelly in 3 months?

So, all in all, it turned out to be a pretty good weekend . . . despite Drew Bledsoe’s 3 interceptions!

Stay tuned to Part II: The Breast-Feeding Class.

My prediction: This will be the most excruciatingly awkward 4 hours of my life.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It wasn't meant to be . . . or was it?

By now, there was supposed to have been balloons and decorations. There was supposed to have been cake sticking to little fingers and covering a little face. There were supposed to have been grandparents with way too many presents. There were supposed to have been digital cameras and video cameras. There was supposed to have been a birthday party because, by now, Kelly and I were supposed to have had a 1-year old baby. But by God it was not meant to be.

So I guess it may sound strange when I say that although I remember the pain of our miscarriage it is actually joy that I feel in this moment. That joy comes from what I believe is God’s promise that one day in Heaven I will hold that very child in my arms.

Just one of the cool things about going to Heaven will be gaining God’s full understanding. To me, that means more than just learning all the answers to our petty little questions – it means we begin to see things as they were meant to be. So when that day for me comes I will see my child as he or she was meant to be – beautiful, strong and very much alive.

Here on Earth we recognize people by their faces and names. But God in Heaven recognizes people by their heart – and so will we when we get there. And it’s a good thing too because when we receive our new heavenly bodies we won’t look a thing like what we do here (because we will look like what we were always meant to be). So the only way we will know our friends and family in Heaven will be by recognizing their heart the way God does.

When you recognize someone by their heart then you know them through and through. No introductions are needed. No name tags are necessary. There’s no starring at each other asking, “Where do I know you from?” With God’s full understanding you see straight into the heart and suddenly you know exactly who that person is!

Therein lies my joy – looking forward to the reunion of a father and child long since separated. I will immediately recognize my child and my child will immediately recognize me. No awkward hugs. No weird handshakes. Just sweet embrace! . . . because by God it was always meant to be.

I miss you, little one – Can’t wait to see you!

PS: I know that some may disagree with my perception of Heaven. Quite frankly, I’m fine with that. I realize that I may have it completely wrong. Even so, the true Heaven, whatever it is or will be, still won’t be a disappointment.

So before you correct me by explaining how we probably won’t remember anything or anyone from our time here, understand that my present perception of Heaven has led me to a peace about our loss that can only come from God Himself. I admit that it very well may be the wrong perception. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad perception.

And if we find, when we all get to Heaven, that you are right and I am wrong then you can be the first to tell me . . . assuming of course you’ll even remember what it was you were right about in the first place!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Taking Good from Evil

Of all the articles I read following 9/11, there is one I will never forget. It told the story about how the Port Authority created a department for the sole purpose of returning personal items found during the recovery effort at Ground Zero.

It’s hard to believe that anything recognizable could be recovered amidst the thousands of tons of debris. But they found employee badges, earrings, necklaces, driver’s licenses, brief cases, cell phones, pagers, watches (some of which were still ticking), keys, wedding bands, photographs and even sports memorabilia.

Some of the items would never be reclaimed – there were just too many gold wedding rings without initials or a date to link them to their appropriate couple. However many items were claimed. Employee badges that were warped by the heat of the fire are now all that many mothers and fathers have to show for a son or daughter who worked in the Twin Towers. Sometimes a serial number on a Palm Pilot could be linked to a husband or a wife. Photographs were placed on a website and claimed by surviving family members.

The article also told the story of a widow who received a phone call from the Port Authority telling her that they had found her husband’s car which had been parked in the WTC's garage at the time of the attacks. Now it was a twisted, mangled heap of rubble and they called to ask what she wanted to do with it.

Before sending it sent to the junkyard, the widow came to see it one last time. And as she inspected her husband’s car, she began to tell the recovery crew her husband's story – how he had saved up for the car; how he loved working in the WTC; where she was when she heard the news; how September 11th is her birthday and that she and her husband had plans to go out to dinner later that night.

Those around her said nothing. They just listened quietly because they knew there was nothing that could be said. When they opened the trunk of the car, she looked inside and immediately began to cry. Inside the trunk was her birthday gift from her husband – it was in perfect condition.

After I read this story, I was amazed by how so little survived the attacks yet this gift, wrapped in paper and a bow, sat undisturbed in the trunk of a car. And then I realized that I have heard this story before. Just like the mangled car, you would have thought that Jesus had nothing left to give when they pulled his body down from the cross.

The hands that had once restored health were now lifeless. The feet that had once walked on water were now pierced and broken. The eyes that had once searched a man's heart and soul were now dull and fixed. The body that children used to cling to was now placed in a stranger’s tomb.

Nobody at the cross saw any gift wrap or any bows – but through death the perfect gift had been given. God won us over from our own death by giving us his salvation through the death of his son, Jesus Christ.

None of the disciples could have ever imagined how the day Christ died on the cross would be a day of great victory. But if God could bring good out of the day his own son died then surely he can bring good out of a day like September 11th.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

QOTW Results

“If you had to choose one, which could you NOT do without? Your TV or your computer?

Total votes: 17
Your TV: 5 votes, 29%
Your computer: 12 votes, 70%

We’ve come a long way since the Commodore 64. But I have to agree, I’m not sure what I would do without my laptop. Nobody believed 25 years ago that the personal computer would replace the television set - other than some guy named Gates.

By the way, do you remember how Commodore 64 got its name? It had 64 KB of memory!! Only 64 KB!! Apparently Commodore Business Machines were so proud of thier crowning achievement of somehow cramming 64 KB into one machine that they had to incorporate it as part of the name!

Let me put it this way: 1 MB = 1024 KB - which is 16 times the amount of space in a Commodore 64. A standard CD-RW has 700 MB. So if my fuzzy math is correct then your one CD-RW holds 11,200 times the memory of one Commodore 64 . . . and somehow they sold over 17 million of these guys?!?

When Commodore 64’s were first introduced in 1982 they were sold for $595 – or, considering inflation, around $1,200 in today’s money!!!

$1,200 today will buy you very nice LCD HDTV or notebook computer with a little more than just 64 KB of memory! We have come a long way!

For the 5 who voted for their TV, my next question is just for you!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Kelly-ism #2

I'll probably get in trouble for sharing this but . . . .

Tonight I asked Kelly to help me cut some packaging tape for a box I wanted to tape up. She grabbed the scissors and started snapping them repeatedly in the air and then said, "Hey! Who am I?"

I just starred at her and thought, "You are a highly respected Vice President of Communications for a reputable state-wide non-profit organization . . . and you're doing an impression of Edward Scissorhands!"

My poor, sweet wife - this pregnancy is taking such a toll on her!

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My favorite time of the year!

Some people like Christmas. Others prefer the springtime. 4th of July is always fun. But for me, now is my favorite time of the year . . . it’s football season, baby!

In order to keep priorities straight this fall I am providing a list to let you know when you’ve taken things just a little too far (a couple are courtesy of David Letterman)!

Top 10 signs you’ve been watching too much football:

10. You are hurled from your car after a high-speed collision and your first thought is, "Cool! I'm in a nice tight spiral!”

9. To feel closer to some of your favorite players, you tear the cartilage in your knee.

8. Your medical alert bracelet reads, "In case of emergency, tape Sunday's pre-game show".

7. You use a telestrator to show your wife how she parked the car wrong.

6. At the end of an office meeting, you pat your boss on his backside.

5. Someone asks you to pass the turkey and you hurl it 60 yards.

4. Instead of a hug and a kiss, you say good-bye to your wife in the morning by yelling, “Ready! Break!”

3. Balancing your checkbook calls for a rehearsed end-zone celebration.

2. You attend a parent-teacher meeting shirtless and covered in body paint.

1. The kids bring home a good report card and you dump Gatorade on them.

Are you ready for some football?!?!

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My new ride!

I felt this song would be appropriate for this post.

One of the great perks of being a legalized drug dealer is getting a free company car. One of the not-so-great perks of being a legalized drug dealer is that my company expects me to drive my company car . . . everywhere!

Ever since I got my current company car in October 2004 I have been driving and driving and driving! For work I drive to Granbury, Stephenville, Dublin, Brownwood, Eastland, and Comanche – sometimes all in one day!

From Roanoke, I drive to church in Lewisville. Softball in Farmer’s Branch. The in-laws are in Hurst. Got a bike race in Sulphur Springs? I’m there! Wanna hit the hills in Muenster? Let’s go!

In 22 months, I have driven 76,963 miles!

Yep, I’ve seen (and smelt) many a road kill!

Kelly says I’m playing the odds in that I have spent so much time on the road and yet have not been involved in an accident! If that won’t make you feel jinxed then nothing will!

Let’s put a pencil to the numbers:

- 22 months.
- 76,963 miles.
- 3,498 miles per month.
- 128 miles per day.
- I have purchased somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,850 gallons of gas.
- I, ahem, my company has purchased somewhere around $10,000 worth of gas!!!

But now it’s time for an upgrade! My company switches out cars every 75,000 miles or 3 years – which ever comes first. Here’s my brand new Escape.

I decided to trick it up a little by going with black!

Look closely and you can see Kelly modeling the new car . . . from the inside! I guess pregnant women need to stay out of light drizzling rain.

Let’s see how many miles I can put on this bad boy!

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

QOTW Results

I have to say, I'm a little surprised by the results of this week's Question of the Week: Which TV non-reality game show would you like to appear on?

Having never seen an episode of Deal or No Deal I'll keep my initial impression and comments to myself. Which is probably better seeing how wrong I was about Survivor (I said it was a stupid premise and wouldn't last 2 seasons . . . look who's stupid, now!).

The Price is Right however - why would you want to be on this show? You can win so much more money on Who wants to be a Millionaire?, Jeapordy!, or Wheel of Fortune! But TPIR? I don't get it.

Maybe it has something to do with why a certain sister-n-law said she would like to go on TPIR - which was so she could kiss Bob Barker!! Take a look at this picture! Of all the men in California you could plant one on - it would be this guy? Seriously, raise your standards!!!

I'm sure he's a nice guy and all . . . but for some reason the words crusty, old, and creepy come to mind when I think of Bob Barker. I will give him credit for a hilarious fight scene in Happy Gilmore . . . but that doesn't mean you should want to kiss him!

Anywhoo, here are the final results:

Total Votes: 21
Deal or No Deal: 7 votes, 33%
The Price is Right: 6 votes, 28%
Who wants to be a Millionaire: 3, 14%
Jeapordy!: 2, 9%
Family Feud: 2, 9%
Wheel of Fortune: 1 vote, 4%
Weakest Link: 0 votes
Hollywood Squares: 0 votes

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Useless Holiday Weekend Fun Fact

I asked Mr. Google how Labor Day got started and apparently we have the Knights of Labor to thank for our upcoming extended weekend.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Knights of Labor don't worry - they were started in the 1860's by a secret labor union made of tailors (tailors?). They organized an annual parade celebrating the fruits of their labor. This is their seal.

I'm still a little confused how a secret labor union could put on a parade. Maybe they held thier parade at night - but whatever. When they eventually they came out of the closet everyone thought they had a great idea so the parade was turned into a national holiday. The first Labor day was on September 2, 1882. There was much celebration.

More than giving us a 3-day weekend, the good Knights also gave us the 8-hour workday - I'm starting to like these guys.

Alright then, there's are your useless holiday fun fact. Now when you hear someone wondering about the origins of Labor Day this weekend you can act real sly by saying, "Have you ever heard of the Knights of Labor?" Then everyone will think you're real smart!

Have a fun and safe weekend, smarty pants!

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