Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blog Stalker Anonymous

"Hello, my name is Wade . . . and I'm a blog stalker."

Shannon's recent post has forced me to pull out my soap box.

(Oh, dear! Here we go again!)

I've never understood why people are so reluctant to introduce themselves, either electronically or in person, to people whose blogs they've stalked. Possibly it's because they are afraid they'll be thought of as weird or creepy because they read blogs of people they don't know.

I'm comfortable with blog stalking because people, myself included, have posted their blogs on the world wide web where the whole wide world can read it! And I've never understood why you would get weirded out by someone you don't know reading your blog. If you don't want the unknowns to be "in the know", then I'd suggest a leather-bound journal you can keep in your sock drawer!

Getting weirded out by blog stalkers is like getting bent out of shape because your neighbors watch while you get dressed in your front yard. If you don't want your neighbors to watch then don't get dressed in the front yard!

(I know that analogy is pretty random but it's true - think about it!)

Secondly, as I tried to point out to Shannon, most people want to know who's reading their blog. Granted, if you've got a nervous twitch, a psychotic laugh and bear a striking resemblance to a serial killer then, yeah, don't be too surprised if after you introduce yourself you notice the blog has suddenly gone to restricted access.

But the truth is, most of us out here are of perfectly sound mind and want little more than an just little cyber-entertainment by the way of cute baby pictures, funny stories and an occasional comment derived from intelligent thought.

And I think it's a great compliment to say to someone, "You don't know me but I really enjoy your blog!"

So let me encourage you stalkers to come out of the shadows and stop worrying if you give someone the creeps . . . because whether or not the rest of us will admit it, we are all blog stalkers!


Casdok said...

Well said!
Hi to all of Wades stalkers!!

Jennifer said...

I absolutely blog stalk!!

Jenni said...

several of my blogstalkers have come out of the shadows in the past few days and made comments on various recent posts....what is fun for me is trying to figure out how someone landed on my blog....are we connected through high school friends, college attendance, church, or what? and some of my favorite people are new friends that I met through blogging....

Suzalee said...

Okay,Wade. Let me introduce myself...kinda. I have known of you since my daughter and her friends were in high school. You were at ACU. When BLOGGING started, I came across your BLOG. I have thoroughly enjoyed your humor and insight. It is a small world. I eventually realized your house backs up to my work. Strange, huh? It is a small world. - Suzie

Shannon said...

Thanks Wade!! I don't feel so weird now:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Wade,
I don't have a blog yet, but Keri has almost got me convinced. This is Teresa, I went to ACU with Keri and I am pretty sure that Kelly and I pledged together. Anyway, I liked your thoughts on reading blogs-totally agree! Teresa

Wade said...

Thanks Cas!

Hey J,

I knew there was a little stalker in you!

Hey Jenni,

I'm with you! Connecting, and re-connecting in some cases, is half the fun of blogging!

Hey Suzie,

Hmmmmm . . . still trying to connect the dots! Oh, well! Glad you enjoy the blog though! No kidding about the small world! How do you like my 2 trees in my backyard?

(It's all fun and games until you start bragging about trees in your backyard!)

Hey Shannon,

You really hit a button with me, didn't ya!

Glad I could help!

Hey Teresa,

I totally remember you! How have you been? Keri's right - you should get a blog of your own!

Thanks all for stopping by,


Jonathan Storment said...

Wade, I have not previously stalked your blog, but it looks like a good one. Do you go to Rhcc? I found your blog through Don Box's. Anyway if you are at RHCC I hope to meet you sometime.

Suzalee said...

The trees in the backyard are nice. However, I was worried on Friday when the DEA helicopter took off that it's backdraft might damage your trees.

Wendy and my daughter, Natalie have been friends since we moved here 13 years ago. Are you getting the connection yet?

Andrew & Audra said...

"You don't know me, but I really enjoy your blog!"

Hi Wade! A friend found your blog super interesting and pointed me this way. I find your stories hilarious and pass them on to my blogging sister. I actually have your wife tagged on my blog as "Blogs I Love." I've been meaning to add yours to the list since I check it almost daily. Anyway, my husband and I live in MS and attend the coC. Just wanted to bring this blog stalker out of the closet! Have a blessed day!

Wade said...

Hey Jonathan,

Great to meet you!

Technically, we're not members anywhere - we're in the midst of searching for a new church home.

Having said that, Kelly and I have actually attended a couple Saturday night services at RHCC and have really enjoyed them. Regardless where we place membership, I think we'll keep going!

I put RHCC in my profile because that's where I grew up - along with a lot of other people who stop by my blog. I can remember attending Richland Hills back when we met in what is now the Richland Hills Library/Courthouse. Talk about old school!

I do know Ron Box, though he may not remember me, and thought it was funny that his blog was the only one that popped up for RHCC - I figured there would be more.

Hey Suzalee,

Got it! Actually, Patti helped me out a little!

I actually thought it might be you guys but your blog address threw me off a bit - I guess that's the point, huh?

It's so great to reconnect with you! Wow! What a small world!

I'm bummed that we missed the DEA helicopter. Patti actually told us about it a week ago. The trees faired well but I'm sure my golden retriever, who's afraid of her own shadow, must have been flippin' out in the back yard!

I'm sure the kids loved it though!

Hey A & A,

Thanks for saying hello! I'd love to return the compliment on your blog but I couldn't find it on your profile. Let me know the address and I'll stop by and say hello.

Glad you enjoy the blog!

Thanks all for stopping by,


Andrew & Audra said...

Wonder why it's not working? I'll have to get my technical better half to figure it out.

The Andersons said...

Thank you for your post! I now know that I am not weird!