Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sweet Baby Tate

Let me begin by stating how incredibly disappointed I am in our hospital's wireless network - disappointed indeed! I stayed up until 1:00 AM trying to post updates! Sorry to leave so many of you hanging!

Since I had to run home to pick up a few things, I thought I'd stop down and show off my boy - what else would you expect from a proud daddy?

Kelly will give all the details later but the day went pretty much like this:

7 AM: Arrive at hospital.

8 AM: Kelly's water is broken and she is given a "pit IV" - the stuff that supposed the get the party started.

8 AM-6PM: Absolutely nothing! After watching contractions on the monitor for almost 10 hours, Kelly is still only a 6 - very frustrating! Thinking we still had a ways to go, I order pizza. (Don't worry - I wasn't planning on eating it infront of Kelly!)

7 PM: Just as I finish my pizza, Kelly is now a 9 and we're told we'll be pushing within 30 minutes. (My pizza-filled stomach suddenly doesn't feel so good!)

8:10 PM - Tate shows up fashionably late!

7 lbs 7.7 oz (with those numbers he'll be picking all my games when he gets older!). 20 3/4 inches. A head of black hair so full that you can part it to the side! He is simply perfect!

As for Kelly, she simply amazes me! Absolutely fabulous doesn't come close to describing how well she did. She never complained. She never got upset. She never lost hope. Heck, she never even broke a sweat!

And should any of us be surprised?


Paige said...

Oh my goodness!!! I have been checking like crazy for an update! I am the reason your site meter is rising quickly. SO glad to hear that baby and mommy are doing great!!!Praise GOD!!

Can't wait to see pictures!

Jenni said...


laura bull said...

Congratulations you guys! We're so excited for you both and so glad that all went well and that baby and mommy are healthy and doing great! You guys are still in our constant prayers as you get adjusted to the many changes coming your way. May God continue to guide you and mold you as you become great parents for little Tate!

Julie said...


Jill said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I'm am so happy all is well. Now sit back rest, relax, and enjoy!!!! - Jill :)

Wendy said...

Wade and Kelly, he is SO precious! So happy for you guys!

Brooks Inc. said...

Wade and Kelly-

So thrilled for you and the journey you have just begun...It is the most rewarding, exhausting, fulfilling thing Tony and I have ever done!

May the Lord continue to walk with you each step of the way! He is a beautiful boy!

Congrats! The Lord has great plans for this precious boy!


Jill said...

I just has to comment again now that you have the pics up. He is just beautiful!! I love his little Christmas hat! :)

Shelly said...
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Shelly said...

Congratulations!!! What a beautiful, perfect baby boy! It makes me want a third already!! :) Praising God with you for this precious baby who will one day be a mighty warrior for our God.
Love to you 3---
Tra and Shelly

Blessed Assurances said...

Congratulations! What fun! He is soooooo cute! Hope Kelly is resting and Tate is eating like a champ!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!


Chelsea said...

What a CUTIE!!! He is just perfect...and that gorgeous hair! I think I might have to reserve him for this baby girl of mine coming in a few months. :)

I'm so glad to hear that all went well and that Kelly is doing well too. Please pass on hugs to her and to precious Tate. We can't wait for more pictures to come!!

Laura Scott said...

Okay confession time....I've been reading yours and Kelley's blogs for quite a while now. Tate is just way to precious to not leave a comment!!! Congratulations!!! Don't know if you'll remember me from ACU but I remember you and Kelley.
Laura Bullard now Scott

TTidmore said...

Wade and Kelly,

Congratulations. He is a very cute baby, and we are so glad everything went well. You are beginning an amazing journey.

Taylor and Heather

Anonymous said...

Way to Go KELLY and Wade...Big welcome to Tate, the newest member of the December Cousins Club. Next one will have to be May baby (already thinking ahead to #2!!!!)

Take care and we love the pics. I have printed for his Great Grandpa's first look...

Love you all-

Aunt B

Laura Scott said...

Sorry I mispelled Kelly. I hve a best friend who spells it the other way. And I am a very bad speller/typer anyway. Regardless of the fact, Tate is still the cutest!

Blair said...

That's awesome!!

I'm really happy for you guys. He's really cute and I know you'll both be great, loving parents. I'm very happy for you.

Conway Life said...

Congratulations! So so cute. Enjoy every second with him.

Can't wait for more pictures. . .

B-Mom said...

What a blessing! Not only that you have a beautiful, healthy baby but that Kelly had an "easy" time. :}

He is so precious and the changes in your life are just a part of the incredible journey of parenthood. There is only one thing that surpasses parenthood...being grandparents!

Congratulations to you all!