Sunday, January 21, 2007

Diaper Dude Update

I emailed to say that I helped them get some free radio advertising in a Top 5 market.

It was kinda funny when I got a response back asking if I would let them come on the air and talk about other 'dude-friendly' products of theirs. I had to explain that I didn't work at the station; I was just some guy who got the radio show hosts to talk about on the radio.


Apparently they were very appreciative because they are sending me a complimentary Diaper Dude diaper bag!

Now that's how you show customer appreciation! Pay attention American Airlines!! I wasn't expecting anything but I think it's pretty cool that they would give something back in return.

Diaper Dude has single-handedly restored my faith in Corporate America!!

Since I obviously already have a Diaper Dude, I'm going to give my complimentary bag to Jody & Janell - they're expecting twins!! You may remember that Jody is the friend who I originally showed my bag to - thus putting this whole crazy story into motion.

In appreciation of their thoughtful gesture, I told Diaper Dude I'd put a permanent link to their website on my blog and tell everyone to check it out.

Seriously, folks - check out

It won the highly coveted and very prestigious 2006 Wade's Greatest Internet Purchase of The Year Award!


tara said...

Seriously that is the coolest thing ever - who gets a free diaper bag that is actually worth carrying? I mean the hospital gives out a free one but it stinks. Congrats!

Satire and Theology said...

Wade, you can have a Dallas Cowboys logo stitched onto the bag to make it look more "macho".

Or with that bag colour the New Orleans Saints logo might be better.

Anonymous said...

I'm holding off on making the purchase until there are automated diapers.

The bags might be different then.


Wade said...

Automated diapers?

I'd love to get in on that pre-IPO!


Wade said...

Hey Tara,

Yeah, I was impressed. It makes me want to email Sony and go on and on about how much I love my HDTV and see if they will give me another one, too.

Hey Russ,

Not a bad idea! It certainly beats a frilly monogram!