Sunday, June 11, 2006

Daddy Thoughts

Watching Shannon, Brad and little Mallory has got me thinking about what it is going to be like this coming December when Kelly and I meet our little one for the first time.

Here are just a few of the thoughts about being a daddy floating around in my head:

1. If I agree to wake up with the baby during the night (every night), I wonder if Kelly will agree to change the diapers (every diaper!).
2. Oh goodie! Someone else to pester!
3. Diapers cost how much?
4. Formula cost how much?
5. Macy (our golden retriever) is about to take a huge step down in social status – although she’ll probably still be ranked higher than me.
6. I hope Kelly picks out a cool stroller that has a place to put my iPod (like the one Shannon and Brad picked out).
7. I wonder how people ever learned to be good parents before all of these books were written.
8. I hope the baby gets Kelly’s nose and not mine!
9. Fear the Colic!
10. What will the car seat do to the leather in Kelly’s car?
11. What will juice, snacks, toys, etc. do to the leather in Kelly’s car?
12. Can spit-up stain leather?
13. Teletubbies I can deal with - but I am NOT watching Barney!
14. Why does every little toy have to play an annoying song?
15. Yeah, I think I’m going to miss silence the most.
16. Finally! We get to decorate the ‘junk room’!
17. If it’s a boy: I can’t wait to teach him about the Cowboys, the Mavericks, The Beatles, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Jesus.
18. If it’s a girl: I can’t wait to teach her about the Cowboys, the Mavericks, The Beatles, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Jesus. (Did you seriously think I would be able to teach a girl anything about being a girl – that’s Kelly’s job!)
19. I really don’t care if it’s a girl or a boy – Lord, just let our baby be healthy!
20. Hearing the heart beat is love at first sound!

Double-click on the play button below to see what I’m really worried about when it comes to having a baby! (Thanks to AJ & Kelly for passing this on.)

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txmommy34 said...

Okay, calm down, you'll be fine! :) Seriously, I have some reassurances.
1. They make some really cool seat covers to go under the car seat to protect the leather.
2. You don't have to watch Barney (we don't) but you may have to learn to like the Wiggles.
3. The annoying songs are unavoidable, but when the batteries run out, you can always pretend you don't know why it won't sing anymore!
4. Silence is golden, especially when baby is sleeping.
5. Katelyn can already say, "Yea, hockey!" and "Go Mavericks!", so girls love sports as much as boys if you teach them well.
6. Awwww, the heartbeat! Good times!
7. You're going to be a great daddy! Enjoy the ride!

Paige said...

Don't make Barney promises! I did, and now that is Parker's favorite show. Pretty educational, and Stacey won't let him watch the Wiggles. They even freak me out a little. Parker is a HUGE Mavs fan and I am sure Emaline will be too. Enjoy this SILENT time.

WadeStrz said...

Hey TX Mom,

Thanks for the reassurances - I may be coming back for some more before too long.

The Wiggles are new to me but if Paige says they freak her out then I'm probably not going to give them much of a chance!

Great idea about letting the batteries running out in toys to preserve precious silence. That gives me an idea to buy only low quality toys so that they actually brake!

Something that I've always loved about Kelly is that she could carry a sports conversation - although she rarely starts them. I just want my little girl (if that is what we have) to be able to throw out a hot sports opinion when it counts! To that end, I may send both Kelly and our baby girl to your house for lessons!

Thanks for stopping by,


WadeStrz said...

Hey Paige,

I've heard that you can keep your kids from watching Barney by scaring them during the night while wearing a big Barney costume. Later, they will end up having a terrible flashback when they put in the video and beg you never to make them watch the 'mean dinosaur' again.

Yeah, I'm sure it'll give 'em a life-long complex but at least you won't get a complex of your own by having to watch too much Barney . . . . I'm kidding (kind of)!

I know it will be several years off but I CAN'T WAIT to take them to thier first Cowboy, Mav's, Stars and Ranger games - those are such great moments in a kid's life. If possible, I am going to put it off until they can really appreciate the moment.

Thanks for stopping by,


Kent said...


I'm there with you on some of these. I am actually looking forward to watching Sesame Street. I am going to try and steer the squid away from Teletubbies and Barney. I want to stick with the shows that I used to watch.

Just last night I started tearing up our house rearranging it, all with the goal of eventually putting together a nursery. Our nursery is the junk room too.

I am excited about teaching my kids about the Rangers and the Cowboys and the Mavericks. It is going to be harder for me, though, since I live in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. I have to make sure to keep my child from liking UK or U of L or any other college teams. We are a pro sports family.

Stay hard!

WadeStrz said...

Hey Kent,

After I read the book 'The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers' I have rediscovered Mister Roger's Neighborhood as the most underappreciated show from my childhood - it's actually quite funny in a laugh-at-your-dad sort of way. TiVo a couple of episodes and see what I mean (although I always fast forward through the Land of Make Belive Cheesy Hand Puppets scenes!)

Yeah, its kind of hard to get your kid all excited about college sports and then have to answer the question of, "Hey daddy, did they have great athletics where you went to school?" I think it'll be much easier for us to teach our kids about pro sports rather than trying to get them excited about another Indoor Track & Field Championship!

Love the Squid Talk - thanks for stopping by,