Thursday, August 31, 2006

Waste of Time Website of the Week

They’re horses who sing a four-part harmony! Click on each horse to make him (or her?) sing his part.

Gather the kids around for this one!

Who is wasting their time more: The person who built this website or the person who goes to this website? You be the judge!


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Baby Monitoring Council Announcement

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please? The Baby Boy Strzinek Countdown has reached 2 digits – 99 days and counting. The Baby Monitoring Council (BMC) has recommended raising the awareness level to Code Yellow: Elevated – meaning there is a significant risk of baby-associated excitement and anxieties!

While at an Elevated status, please expect continued mood changes, swollen feet and ankles, an increase of requests for shoulder-rubbing as well as back massages. Also be prepared for frequent trips to local ice creameries and any other dining establishment found suitable at any given moment in time.

Although the impending baby arrival is imminent, a full name has not been approved by BMC. Please be assured that all efforts are being made to have this information available well in advance of baby arrival.

During Elevated status, you are encouraged to continue normal daily activities of baby excitement. Impulse purchasing of baby items is not required but is definitely appreciated. However, BMC recommends beginning an inventory of baby diapers and wipes for all parties wishing to be considered for baby-sitting activities post-baby arrival.

Thank you. Have a nice day.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

QOTW Results

"Where in Dallas/Fort Worth do you go for great Tex-Mex?"

I really thought I had included all the popular restaurants. But with Other being the clear winner, it’s obvious that I have a serious omission(s).

Total Votes: 25
Other: 9 votes; 36%
Joe T. Garcia’s: 4 votes; 16%
Abuelo’s (My fav!): 4 votes; 16%
On the Border (Sorry, Shannon!): 3 votes; 12%
Mi Cocina: 2 votes; 8%
Cantina Laredo: 1 vote, 4%
El Rancho Grande: 1 vote, 4%
El Fenix: 1 vote, 4%
La Playa Maya: 0 votes, 0%

Alright then, you voted for Other so tell me which restaurant you're thinking about!

Friday, August 25, 2006

The Big 3-1!

A few more grey hairs above my ears can only mean one thing – I turned 31 today!

(Double click on the play button below to get the birthday party started!)

31 is an unusual age so I decided on an unusual celebration by taking Kelly to a local taping of The Wheel of Fortune (Vanna and Pat are in Dallas for the weekend – I’ll let Kelly tell you about it on her blog).

After that, Kelly and I got dressed up in formal wear for a night out at a . . . Women’s Republican Party fund raiser (huh? – my mom’s extremely politically active – oh).

Yeah, so I’m thinking I get to do what ever the heck I want on Saturday. Hmm, what shall I do? I know – I’ll pound out some serious miles on my bike!!!

But before I do, I’ll share with you some of the more memorable birthday presents I’ve received over the years:

1. The guitar Kelly gave me my senior year at ACU. I still have it but I upgraded to an electric-acoustic Takamine.

2. My red go-cart that I used to terrorize neighborhood cats and dogs when I turned 9.

3. My Honda Elite 50 moped when I turned 14 – I drove it everywhere even though I didn’t have a license. There was a short cut that I would take to get to a friend's house that went right through Kelly's neighborhood. Now that I think of it, I think Rick was that guy who always cut me off!!!

4. My Honda 100cc street legal dirt bike when I turned 15 – I got a license for this one.

5. My first car when I turned 16: a 1984 Mazda RX-7. I loved that car until the day I wrecked it!

6. My mom gave me a green duster when I was a freshman at ACU (For those of you in NoCal, a duster is a long cowboy coat). The funny thing is that I have never owned a pair of cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, a big silver belt buckle, a pair of Wranglers or even a country CD – so why in the world would I wear a duster? I remember my mom saying, “You’ll look so cool walking around on campus!” I made her take it back!

7. My first road bike – as in last year!

8. Speaking of last year: Kelly throwing me a birthday bash for my 30th!

9. Kelly got me a grill a few years ago. I’m still learning how to make the most of it from the experts like dad-n-law Rick and Mike L. I do have to say that I make a mean roasted corn on the cob! The steaks? Eh, not so much . . . yet!

10. One of my favorite shirts I ever got from my sister was a khaki long sleeve Polo when I was 18 years old – I still wear it!

11. When I turned 14, Philip picked me up and took me to Putt-Putt to play video games. After that we saw a movie. I remember it well because, at least for one day, it actually felt like we were brothers.

Here’s to another year!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


The war on terrorism is obviously no laughing matter but I have to share a Kelly-ism that still makes me excessively giggle.

When I saw this picture on I said, “This is the kind of stuff that I’m scared terrorist are going to sneak in.”

Kelly, looking over my shoulder, asked, “Through liquids and gels?”


Isn’t my wife so cute when she says stuff like that? I’m sure it’s the pregnancy!

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

One more among us!

It's my pleasure to announce that we have a brand new blogger among us!

She funny!

She's got cute baby pictures!

She's really good at turning one syllable words (like 'Brad') into multi-syllable words (like 'Bry-ad').

She can sew curtains or insert a catheter - which ever you'd prefer (she's got nursing skills)!

Stop by and say hello to my sister-in-law!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Question of the Week Results

With only 13 votes, I'm wondering if QOTW had a successful debut.

Regardless, here are the results:

53% of you said you'd rather spend a week in Hawaii!!
46% de vous a dit que vous dépenserait plutôt une semaine à Paris!!

That settles it - we're all going to Waikiki!! Don't forget your snorkel!

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Book Rant: American Gospel

I’m sorry - this is long! I’ve given up on trying to find a quick way to tell you about this book - there's just so much to mention.

So I’m just going to say what I’m thinking – although I doubt doing so would give you an appropriate perspective on this book.

In short – it’s a truly fascinating read about how our Founding Fathers perceived religion and its role in a new country’s culture and government and what they would think of our current debates of prayer in school, gay marriage, posting the 10 Commandments in courtrooms, having a “spiritual” President, etc.

Jon Meacham, the book’s author, presents the concept of a public and private religion. Our public religion is our recognition as a society of a higher power (when we say ‘God Bless America’; when we sing ‘God shed his grace on thee’; ‘In God we trust’ on our currency). Private religion deals with our liberty and freedom to believe in and worship God in any way our conscience dictates . . . so long as our beliefs are not unduly imposed upon the beliefs of others.

When our government mentions God by name, our constitution grants each American the right to define ‘God’ anyway he or she chooses. “The Christian’s mind may summon God the Father, a Jew’s, Yahweh; a Muslim’s, Allah; an atheist’s, no one or no thing.”

Here are some quotes that made me go, “Hmmmm!”

From a letter written by Benjamin Franklin to Yale president Ezra Stiles in 1790, just before his own death, on his doubts of the divinity of Christ.

Pg. 21 - “As to Jesus of Nazareth . . . I think the system of morals and his religion as he left them to us, the best the world ever saw, or is likely to see; but I apprehend it has received various corrupting changes, and I have . . . some doubts as to his divinity; though it is a question I do not dogmatize upon, having never studied it, and think it needless to busy myself with it now, when I expect soon an opportunity of knowing the truth with less trouble.”

On the role the Founding Fathers wanted religion to play in the new America:

Pg. 22 – The Founding Fathers wanted an America where “in churches and homes, anyone could believe and practice what he wished. In the public business of the nation, however, it was important to the founders to speak of God in a way that was unifying, not divisive.”

Pg. 78 – “In declaring the colonies independence from Great Britain, the Founders were making another declaration: that Americans respected the idea of God, understood the universe to be governed by moral and religious forces, and prayed for divine protection against the enemies of this world, but were not interested in establishing yet another earthly government with official ties to a state church.”

Pg. 82 – “It would be as unsound to ban the use of the word ‘God’ from all areas of public life as it would be to require every American to attend church services every Sunday.”

Pg. 112 – Andrew Jackson wrote, “I do not believe that any who shall be so fortunate as to be received to heaven through the atonement of our blessed Savior will be asked whether they belonged to the Presbyterians, the Methodists, the Episcopalians, the Baptists, or the Roman Catholic faiths. All Christians are brethren. And all true Christians know that they are such because they love one another.”

Pg. 145 – Theodore Roosevelt said, “The real field for rivalry among and between the [religions] comes in the rivalry of the endeavor to see which can render the best service to mankind.”

On why governmental exercise of private religion, prayer in school for example, is unconstitutional:

Pg. 187 – “Why should the majority be so severely penalized by the protest of a handful? Because that is what America does: within reason, it is dedicated to the religious idea that we are all created equal and are entitled, by the laws of God, not just of men, to protection from pressures of the majority.”

Pg. 243 – “Why, some Christians ask, must the majority be silenced or made to feel as though their beliefs and customs [such as nativity scenes] are to go unremarked or uncelebrated simply because a minority – and probably a tiny minority at that – believe something different? One religious reply is that a true Christian ought to be more interested in making the life of the world gentle for others than should be in asserting the dominance of his own faith.”

On why we are not, never were, and - as long as we submit to the authorities and liberties granted by our Constitution – never will be a ‘Christian’ nation.

Pg. 233 – “There is no doubt, as we have seen, that the Founders lived in a consciously bequeathed culture shaped and sustained by public religion, one that was not Christian or Jewish or Muslim or Buddhist but was simply transcendent, with reverence for the ‘Creator’ and for ‘Nature’s God.”

Pg. 245 – George Washington said, “The bosom of American is to be open to receive . . . the oppressed and persecuted of all nations and religions; whom we shall welcome to a participation of all our rights and privileges . . . They may be Mohometans [or Muslim], Jews or Christians of any sect, or they may be atheists.”

Here’s my summation: We should not expect our government to implement our beliefs as Christians. I know we would love to have ‘spiritual’ leaders in office. I know we want to start our Friday Night football games with a prayer. I know see many disturbing things in our society. But why should we turn to a man-made system to fix the problems only God can address?

It is our responsibility, not our government’s, to preach to our children what we practice . . . and practice what we preach to our children.

Once again, this is a fascinating read so long as you can remain open-minded!

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

What would you do for money?

Thanks to my internet scout, Brian D., I have a new video for you.

Here's a clip of an absolutely insane Japanese game show - these people are crazy!

The object is to say a Japanese tongue-twister without messing up . . . and, if you're a guy, you don't want to mess up.

I can't understand a word the guy in red is saying, but I'm sure he's trying to act as a voice of reason to a misguided audience.

"This is not what I signed up for!! I want to have kids someday! Can't you just pour a bucket of slime on my head? Or maybe you could have some redhead with an Irish accent ridicule me and make fun of my dorky-looking outfit? That would be good!"

I've always thought that I would like to be on a game show one day. From now on I will be more specific: I would like to be on a non-Japanese game show one day.

Enjoy - if you can!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I'm out on Self Check Out!

The first time I saw a Self Check Out Lane at my local grocer I thought, "Hey cool! This will speed things up." But has it? Has it really?

I wonder which part they spent less money on: the optical scanner that reads the product bar codes or the weight sensor underneath the plastic bags.

I remember a time when I had a problem scanning an item so I asked the 17 year old Assistant Manager for help. He waved my box of Pop Tarts exactly the same way I did and got it to scan - after which he gave me a look like I was some technologically disabled nincompoop!

As for the weight sensor (now there’s a piece of cutting-edge technology!), don’t you just love it when you place your scanned item in the plastic bag and then try to scan the next item only to be told by the computer, "Please place your scanned item in the bag!"

That's when I yell real loud, "Pay attention you bucket of bolts! I already put my scanned item in the bag!" And that's when Security is notified that I'm in the Self Check Out Lane again.

They should place item limits on Self Check Out Lanes. One time, I patiently waited for some lady who was using the Self Check Out Lane to purchase her entire month's worth of groceries. Her own technological shortcomings didn't bother me until she pulled out her book of coupons - at which point I decided I could do without my gallon of milk and spaghetti meat.

Here's a question regarding Self Check Out Lane Etiquette: Is there one line for all Self Check Out counters or does each Self Check Out counter have its own line? I was waiting in line where the "One Line for All Counters" Rule was in effect when some obliviot walked past us and right up to an open counter!!

Being much more civilized than he, we all allowed said-nincompoop to get away with his serious infraction. But since there is no official signage or posting, who says we have to stand in just one line anyway?

Self Check Out Lane Fun Fact: According to IHL Consulting Group, "consumers report buying junk food, supermarket tabloids and the like 45% less frequently while scanning their own purchases than when checking out the old-fashioned way – supposedly they’re more occupied with scanning items and spending less time in lines."

Spending less time in lines? Which lines would these be?

Now that I think about it, I'll just let some high school kid check me out instead!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A couple of things . . .

Thing One:

Some people hear voices in their heads. Not me, I hear songs. And for the last 2 weeks it's been the same song! Over and over and over - it's enough to give me voices in my head!

The song is Upside Down by Jack Johnson. Not a bad song - it could be worse! I could be humming something from New Kids on the Block (Kelly still knows the lyrics to The Right Stuff - giggle!). You may recognize Upside Down if you saw Curious George.

But how in the world do you get rid of a song that's on cerebral automatic repeat? When I wake up, "Upside Down!" When I'm waiting at a stop light, "I'll find the things they say just can't be found!" When I'm riding my bike, "I'll share this love I find with everyone!"

Double click the play button below to hear the song for yourself.

But click at your own risk! If you're one of those who hears voices in your head then I'm sure they won't like it if they have to listen to Jack Johnson all day long!

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Thing Two:

I got tired of my on-line poll slowing down my page so I changed the html driver - which meant that I had to start over with a new question. I think you'll like this driver much better. In case you were wondering, Chandler won Most Favorite Friend with 40% of the vote. Joey and Phoebe tied for second with 20%. Ross was shut out - which doesn't surprise me!

Keep cool out there!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Obsessive Compulsive Confession #2

I confess to you my heightened acuity of restaurant karma!

There’s karma in every restaurant. The wait to be seated. The table location. Table versus booth. The server. Noise level. Bug infestation (avoid the Wendy’s in Belton, TX!). Temperature. Sitting next to a sweet, quiet old couple versus sitting next to 4 obnoxious teenage girls who are all talking on their cell phones at once . . . and that’s all before you even order the food!

I sense it all. The biggest issue I have is the location of the table and where at the table I sit. Trust me – if you were deaf in one ear like me then you’d understand. I can’t sit near the kitchen or a high traffic area – all I hear is the background noise.

On top of that, I have to sit at the table so that conversation will occur on my left side (close to my good ear) or else everyone will be repeating themselves all night long.

The other issue, and the one which brings the most public humiliation to Kelly, is a wobbly table or, gasp!, wobbly chair! Wobbly restaurant furniture annoys me to no end and I will request other, more stable, sitting arrangements – hence Kelly’s public humiliation!

It drives me crazy that this kind of stuff drives me crazy! But I assure you that this is not some kind of “Rain Man – I will only eat pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast on Tuesdays – yeah, definitely Tuesdays” sort of thing.

I’m sure there’s some type of breathing method that I can use to help me keep my zen in these situations but there’s little chance of that happening!

Poor Kelly – she finds some way of fighting through it all! But if she thinks it’s bad now she should just wait until I’m a delusional 80-year old demanding to watch Doug Llewelyn on The People’s Court every afternoon at 3:00!

Meanwhile, there better be the same number of sugar, Equal and Sweet N’ Low packets on the table or else we’ll have to leave the restaurant immediately!

Ok – I feel better now that I’ve shared!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Introducing: Wade's Question of the Week!

I'm taking my blog-dorkdom to a new level!

Let me direct your attention to my sidebar where you will find my most recent addition to Wade's Rantings: Wade's Question of the Week!

Every week I will throw out a new question that will no doubt spark a hot debate within the blog-world!

I hope you enjoy it! Sorry - no free laptops for answering the question!

(I've noticed that the on-line survey tool slows this page page down a bit - give it a second and the sidebar should fully load. Please let me know if anyone is experiencing problems because of this . . . or finds this particularly annoying!)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Workout Gym Culture

Taylor Tidmore recently posted comments on his blog regarding his experiences at a fitness gym and it got me thinking about the kind of people you meet there. I think my 24-Hour Fitness gym is probably one of the most interesting places to people-watch because you can always count on a variety of personality types to be represented. For instance:

The Self Check-Out Guy: Appropriately named simply because he likes to check himself out in the mirror. Never mind that the mirrors are actually there for safety purposes (you’re supposed watch your technique in the mirror so that you don’t hurt yourself while lifting weights), this guy is never too embarrassed to lift up his shirt and check out his 2 ½ abs after every set of heart pounding crunches!

The show-off guy: Different from the Self Check-Out Guy, you are this guy’s audience! He walks around like he’s starring in his own workout video – which includes his unsolicited and extremely loud commentary on proper technique, nutrition and work-out gear. The gym is the highlight of this guy’s day – sad!

Lady wearing jewelry and make-up: This is a blatant violation of the ‘No Flirting or Socializing during Workout’ Rule. Why in the world do you need to wear jewelry and make-up while you’re working out? It’s a tale-tell sign of a woman who not only wants to get in a good workout but also hopes to meet the man of her dreams – very sad!

Lady talking on the cell phone while running on the treadmill: When I ran cross country in high school Coach Lena Nelson always told us, “If you’ve got enough breath to talk then you’re not running fast enough!” In other words, don’t complain that you’re not losing weight after you’ve only ran 2 miles while talking on the phone. Do yourself a favor: hang up and break a sweat for a change! Do us a favor: Hang up and keep your social life to yourself!

Hairy Back Guy: Nobody blames you for being a second cousin to Chewbacca, but because of all the hair certain rules apply. (1) No tank tops for you buddy! (2) No if’s, and’s, or but’s – you must wipe down every machine when you’re finished using it! Nothing ends a workout quicker than walking up to a machine and finding sweat and back hairs covering the chair!

The Over-sweater: Much like hairy back guy, we know you can’t help it if your body seems to liquefy the moment you step into the gym. That being said, allow me to introduce a wonderful product that keeps people from smelling your glistening ripped body from the other side of the free weights section – it’s called deodorant. It comes in Country Fresh, Ocean Spray and now Artic Blast! Try it, seriously . . . and don’t forget to wipe down the machines when you’re done!!!

The person who never moves their arms while running on the treadmill: There’s one in each gym! Jerry Seinfeld wrote an entire episode around this peculiar individual who refuses to utilize elementary principles in balance and coordination. I just want to go up to them and start pushing their arms back and forth. Don’t they know that they will get a better workout if they were to involve their upper body? Simply amazing!

The person who sings out loud with their iPod: I love watching anyone who is making a complete idiot of themselves in public. This person is the classic obliviot - just lost in their own little world and completely oblivious to the fact that they would lose to William Hung in a singing competition. The big payoff comes when they start singing in falsetto!

The talkative naked guy in the locker room: Alright, just like Taylor said, here’s the guy we all try to avoid. He takes his clothes off then talks your head off! It’s the single most uncomfortable situation I can imagine! Why is it that in any other social situation a naked man making casual conversation with you is grounds for arrest but in a gym locker room, supposedly, it is completely acceptable? I’m here to put everyone on notice: it’s not!! Particularly when there is a stack of clean extra large fluffy towels that you can wrap around yourself only an arm’s length away!!

Just like if you found yourself face-to-face with a grizzly bear, there are certain rules you must follow to ensure safety in such a precarious situation!

1. Always keep the eyes moving so you can't be accused of starring.
2. Fake having an eyelash stuck in your eye. The fake-squinting will protect your eyes from "overexposure" and then you can act like you need to go look in the mirror which will aid your escape.
3. If you are trapped by the talkative naked guy and can't get away then keep the conversation topic on how much you love your spouse, your kids and serving the Lord. (I really don’t know why you would want to mention that you love serving the Lord but it certainly can’t hurt!)

So which category do I fall into? I’m the guy who is always complaining to management that nearly all of the TV’s are on the same channel showing Oprah re-runs while only one TV (the one with a bad picture) is showing Sports Center!

Here’s a video of the OK GO guys who made going to the gym fun again! I may try this during my next workout. Double-click on the play button to start.

OK GO Treadmill Dance

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I felt the baby move!!!

Weird!! You can actually see Kelly's stomach jump up! I put my hand down and just as I did he kicked back - he better not get in the habit of that! He got real wiggly when I started talking to him! I asked him if he liked the sound of a name Kelly thought of tonight - kick!

(Sorry, I'll share the name if that's the one we decide to go with.)

Dang! December feels like a year away when it's 1,000 freggin' degrees outside! In the meantime, Baby and I are having fun playing morse code through Kelly's stomach!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Look what I found!

Kelly and I are dog-sitting at my in-laws house this weekend. They are going to regret having us stay here because I just found some great photos on their computer that I just have to share.

Let’s start with some shots from Kelly’s birthday in March 2003.

Aw, aren’t we sweet?

Hey! Crank up the music – it’s dancin’ time!!

Why should Kelly have all the fun – here’s my sis’-in-law, Shannon!

Oh, dear! Now all the Enright girls are getting’ crazy. Say hello to my mom-in-law, folks! Stephanie is a party waiting to happen!

Notice how Stephanie brilliantly incorporates clapping into her dance moves! Kelly and Shannon only use thier arms and hands to keep thier balance while they shake it. But not Stephanie! The 70's taught her that it's possible to do a little dance and clap your hands at the same time! There's so much we can learn from this woman!

Who won the dance-off? You 'll have to wait and see. I'll post more pictures once Blogger decides to behave!

Stay tuned for more!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Shocking Confession #2

During our senior year at ACU, Monty, Brian and I lived in a townhouse on Bruce Way just behind Harvest Moon. One night, Brian and I were sitting on our front step when we heard a car coming down the road. It immediately caught our attention because we heard the radio and the 4 obnoxious girls inside long before we heard the car. These girls all went to HSU and lived 2 doors down from us. We never got to know them since they kept to themselves – we would soon find out why!

They came to a screeching halt with half of the car up on the curb. Out piled the 4 girls all talking at the same time (Brian does a great impression!). Brian and I just rolled our eyes because we could tell they were more than slightly inebriated (HSU girls inebriated? Noooo!).

They went inside their apartment and Brian and I had thought we’d seen the last of them for the night but it wasn’t but a few minutes later when they came back out, got into their car and drove off. I turned to Brian and said, “I bet those girls were so drunk that they forgot to lock their door.” And that’s when the light bulb turned on!

Brian and I ran around to their back door and, sure enough, it was wide open! Now, you come to expect certain things when you enter an apartment belonging to college girls. Somewhat clean – potpourri and/or candle scent – a pretty good attempt at decorating – a decent collection of chick-flick movies – a cork board to leave cheesy ‘Best friends 4-Ever!’ notes to each other!

Not this apartment! Brian and I were shocked at what we found! Quite literally it looked like college guys lived there instead of college girls. The kitchen was a wreck and stunk horribly! They had broken furniture! No decorations! A hole in the wall – literally and figuratively speaking. And gasp! Empty wine boxes stacked in the corner (yep, boxes not bottles). No wonder these girls kept to themselves - I had seen enough!

Knowing they wouldn’t be back until late that night (or rather, early the next morning), we decided that we would leave the girls “a gift” – something just to let them know that someone had been there. We couldn’t mess up the place – that would have actually made an improvement! There was nothing worth stealing (who wants a stack of chick-flick movies?)! Brian wanted to leave an anonymous note telling them to clean up – I doubted they would have ever found it!

That’s when I came up with the idea of going to their fuse box and shutting off their electricity – all of it! No lights! No refrigerator! No alarm clocks! No air conditioning! No nothing! C’mon! Do you think 4 drunk girls would be able to figure out (in the dark) how to turn their electricity back on? Genius!

I would have paid money to have been a fly on the wall when they got home in a drunken stupor!

“Oh ma gawd! Why won’t the stupid lights work? (hiccup!) Like – the switch must be broken! (hiccup!)"

The funniest part must have been the lecture that they got from our landlord, John, after having to drive all the way across town just to reset their fuse box! He was a sixty-something ex-Marine who did not tolerate in subornation much less public intoxication or destruction of his precious townhomes. He once got bent out of shape because I drove to his house to deliver my rent check without thinking to bringing Brian’s check with me. He told Brian, “Wade’s just a jerk!”

So if you went to HSU, lived on Bruce Way in 1998 and remember coming home late one night thinking you had forgotten to pay your electricity bill then, yep, that was me! And all I have to say is you have cheap taste in wine!