Thursday, December 14, 2006

Little Man Tate

What a week and a half it has been!


Sarah B said...

Great slide show! I can just feel the joy and love this little boy already has in his life. Sarah B

Anonymous said...

Wade great show but the PLAY button was in the middle of every picture. What did I do wrong???? Sure would like to see everything...

"Technically behind the times" Aunt B

laura_psalm139 said...

great video! as a wife of a husband who is in charge of all our family / mission team videos... i know they can be hard work... but it was soooo worth it! Congratulations and may God continue to bless you three!

Wade said...

Hey Sarah,

Thanks! He's a sweet boy. He makes you want to curl up with him on the couch - fun times!

Hey Aunt B,

Hmmmm . . . not sure why that's happening. I didn't see it on my screen. I'll send you the video as an attachment so you can have your own copy.

And if anyone accuses you of being behind the times then just say, "I may be behind the times but I saw The Beatles at Candlestick - so back off!"

You're the hippest Aunt I know!

Hey Laura,

Thanks! I was surprised at how tedious it was. Surely Bill Gates and his crew can come up with something better than Windows Movie Maker. As for now, I'm sure that was one of the easier things I will ever do as a parent!

Thanks all for stopping by,


Blessed Assurances said...

Wonderful! Thank you for getting my tear ducts cleaned out! I am just crying... Wow! I am so proud of you guys! God bless your new chapter of life. And I am serious about the food comment I left on Kelly's blog. Just say the word and Jeff and I will get take out from your favorite place

Keri said...

What a precious family you have created!
Much love to you all this holiday!

Paige said...

SO SWEET! Like cousin...tears came to my eyes. By the way, Susan is my cousin if you didn't know. Great slide show!!!

Wade said...

Hey Suz,

Thanks! We may have to take you up on your offer - it would be great seeing you again!

Hey Keri,

Thanks! The whole fam (Me, Kelly, Tate and Macy the dog) got into the car today and I made some comment like, "The whole family all together!" In my mind my mind I thought, "Whoa! We're really a family!"

Hey Paige,

Yeah, Susan told me you were cousins - small world, aye?

Thanks again for the photo-op last Sunday. The pictures look great!

Thanks all for stopping by,


Anonymous said...

Wade, that was you can probably imagine, your mother in law's eyes are very red right now. You and Kelly make us so proud...Tate's very lucky to have you both as his parents.

We Love you all very much...(Macy included)


shannon said...

Love, love, love it and him! The music is great too!