Saturday, August 07, 2010

Oh yeah, I have a blog!!!

The social encounter that I fear more than kryptonite itself is bumping into someone that you used to be really great friends with but haven't seen since the day after you graduated from high school.

You start the conversation off with big hugs and, "Oh my gosh! You haven't changed a bit!"

(Yeah right!)

At first, it's all fun and giggles because you have standard issued questions you can rely on to keep the conversation flowing - Where do you live now? What are you doing now? How many kids do you have now?

(Just don't forget to oogle the photos of their kids and comment about how absolutely precious they are!!)

But after that initial data exchange, the conversation ALWAYS grinds to a painful halt as if you're suddenly talking to an absolute stranger. Why is that??? Wasn't this someone you used to be great friends with??? Wasn't the the person who you could stay up until 2 AM talking to???

10 years ago you could read each other's mind but now all you can do is stand there in awkward silence and sheepishly issue the guaranteed conversation killer, "So . . . um . . . crazy weather, huh?"

(Hmmmm, maybe I'm suddenly realizing why this person hasn't spoken to me in the last 10 years!)

Mercifully, these conversations eventually come to an end but not before one of you throws out the Ultimate Empty Promise of All Time, "Give me a call and we'll get the kids together!"

Yeah, that's code for "See ya' in another 10 years!"

Seiously, those conversations are excrutiating. They're just as hard as say . . . um . . . posting on your blog for the first time in 7 months! Talk about not knowing what to say!!!

Oh well, here's my peace offering. Enjoy!

I hope all in the blogosphere are doing well. Feel free to give me a call - we'll get the kids together!

Just kidding!!!


Keri said...

You're back!!! I get the cute kid fix from your wife's blog at least.

See-Dub said...

So... crazy weather, huh?

Glad you're back!

Audra Laney said... 'bout them Cowboys, eh? ;)

Welcome back!

thekingpin68 said...

Wade, your blog looks cool in black.

plantmyappletree said...

You are forgiven only because Kelly kept us updated... ;-)

Nah, understand - can't be easy to get job & family done, who can run a blog then, too?

But you are stored in my feedreader - just in case!

How about another famous Wade-video clip?

Jill said...

I know just what you mean. I haven't posted on my blog since the beginning of the year. LOL

Your boys are just adorable!!