Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Second Stringers!

My yuletide soap boxes are a'plenty on this blog (click here and here) -- and though there is no shortage of retail stores to boycott because of their pre-emptive and obsessant broadcasts of Christmas music before the widely recognized and official start of the Christmas season (day after Thanksgiving) -- I do actually have one contribution to this year's Christmas cheer . . .

It's a Christmas card I got from my sister over 10 years ago and it still ranks #1 on my highly exclusive . . .

Top 10 Christmas Cards List
in the History of Ever!

. . . eat your heart out, Hallmark!

The reason I like it is because it's original! GASP! You mean we don't have to give the same ol' cards and listen to the same ol' music EVERY Christmas of our lives?!?!?!

No, actually, try mixing it up a little bit! And what doesn't say "Merry Christmas" like Vomet and Spitzen for reindeer names? Sound like my kinda guys!

Oh well, here's my half-hearted attempt to say "Merry Christmas, everybody!"


Audra said...

Awesome Wade! I love Vomet!

thekingpin68 said...

Well done.:)

mrs2010 said...