Thursday, November 01, 2007

So Let the Boycotts Begin!

It's wrong! It's disrespectful! It's shameful! It's manipulative! It's . . . downright un-American!

On October 29th, I walked into the first retailer of the year who was playing Christmas music before the official start of Christmas season! That's skipping not only Thanksgiving but Halloween, too!

Bad, Swoozies! Bad!

Preemptive Christmas celebrations should not be tolerated because:

1. It shows blatant disrespect for Thanksgiving, a equally important holiday that already has self-esteem issues because kids find it unbearably boring.

2. Celebrating Christmas too early will result in prolonged exposure to Christmas carols; which studies have shown can lead to health risks such as bleeding ears, temporary insanity and/or flu-like symptoms.

3. Some people are easily disoriented when they see Christmas decorations while it's still 80-freakin'-degrees outside.

4. Celebrating Christmas for more than just one month out of the year helps some people justify leaving their Christmas lights up all year long. (Don't kid yourselves, people - the homeowner's association knows who you are!)

5. Don't ask me how, but I'm almost certain it only encourages the terrorists! And how would you like that on your conscience?!?

So do the right thing, blog world - boycott all retailers guilty of preemptive Christmas celebrations!

Boycott! Boycott! Boycott!

(Disclaimer: Before you all bag on me for going into Swoozies, just know that I went with Kelly so that she could pick out Tate's birthday invitations without being distracted by our soon-to-be 1-year old!)


Kelly said...

IGNORE HIM PEOPLE! He's a crazy man and doesn't know what he is talking about.

We should be able to celebrate Christmas all year round if we want. And to anyone that works for Swoozies, please don't take my name off your preferred customer list. I have nothing to do with this crazy talk and am a big fan of your store!

tara said...

Whatever Wade - you were looking for beads to make a new pair of earrings to wear with your pirate costume.

Satire and Theology said...

Good job Wade, I get in trouble in my latest as well...


Phillips Family said...

My grandma worked in the fabric department of Wal-Mart for years and still cannot listen to any Christmas music because she had to listen to it for two months straight at work.

I, too, feel bad for Thanksgiving. I love that holiday and it often gets lost in the shuffle. However, I probably just relate because I am a middle child.

Casdok said...

Im with you (and not just because you are my sons newly appointed telent agent!)

Mo said...

I slightly agree with you Wade, waiting until after Thanksgiving is best. My wife cant wait to hear the music and was wishing for Christmas carols in July, so we have a problem here.
The other issue though is that Thanksgiving is a REAL holiday that celebrates our thankfulness to God for the bounties he has provided us and it goes back to the Pilgrims celebrating for the same reason. Christmas is NOT about the birth of Jesus in America, but about buying too much stuff and wanting more stuff. It's a huge commercialization of something that was and is a complete opposite of the actions of our citizens. Now obviously there are many of us who see it different and try and act accordingly, but it should be a time of great reflection and praise. not how many toys will I get this year?
I do like listening to the music, especially anything by Burl Ives!
Thanks Wade.

Sarah B said...

When I lived in the Philippines, I found out their Christmas season is all the "-BER" months, so SeptemBER 1, you can hear Christmas music in the mall....makes for a LONG ramp-up. But they don't have Thanksgiving. And it is MY favorite holiday :)

Jody and Janell said...

Amen Wade. Amen.

See-Dub said...

Please don't hate me, but I've had a Christmas song running through my head all day. Bad news: it's not just any song. It's--I'm so sorry to even mention it--"I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas." Good news: It'll be stuck in my head for only two months!

Wade said...

Hey Babe,

Thanks for the vote of confidence!

By the way, the invitations turned out great!

Hey Tara,

Didn't you read my previous post - I was a Wall Street tycoon! So I had Swoozies print up some cocktail napkins that looked like money and stuffed them in my pockets!

Thanks for the support, Russ!

I got your back as well!

Hey P-Fam,

I actually start to feel bad for people who have to work retail during this time of year - your poor grandmother!

I love Thanksgiving too but really only because it always involves a Cowboy game! I know, pretty sad!

Hey Mo,

I think we're pretty close to the same page here. Thanksgiving is important for obvious reasons - and not just talking about the Cowboy game. And you're right, Christmas has been commercialized to the point that I think the early Christmas deco and music have more to do with stimulatiing the economy than it does about anybody being in the Christmas spirit.

Hey Sarah,

Thanks for letting me know to scratch the Phillipines off my list of potential places to live someday! YIKES!

Thanks, J & J!

Hey See-Dub,

Wow! I just added you to my prayer list! We're all thinking about you over here!

Thanks all for stopping by,


thekingpin68 said...

Thanks for the support, Russ!

I got your back as well!

Yea, we need it in blog world.:)

Anonymous said...

:-D ... I'll support Kelly! There is a great song by Evan and Jaron:
"What she likes" and it tells about a woman who loves the Christmas lights all year long.

You might be right about the Thanksgiving, but sadly we do not have Thanksgiving in Germany, so this doesn't count for me here - am I allowed a tiny little joyous feeling towards Christmas with that excuse :-) ?

Anonymous said...
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kate m. said...

I half-way agree with you. I do think Christmas came out a little early this year, but I am cool with Christmas stuff rolling into stores a week or two before Thanksgiving. Your wife will probably be able to relate to this, but what really bothers me is that you have to figure out what your child will wear for the perfect Christmas card picture before you even buy their Halloween costume because if you wait till later, all the good stuff is already gone. Then you get stuck with some gaudy sweater vest with Santa and Rudolph on it and a bowtie to match.

Wade said...

Hey Helen,

You should start a Thanksgiving holiday in Germany - everyone will think you're way ahead of your time!

As for the woman who loves Christmas all year long . . . I think there's a drug you can take for that!

Hey Kate,

"Then you get stuck with some gaudy sweater vest with Santa and Rudolph on it and a bowtie to match."

What's wrong with that? That was my favorite outfit growing up!!


Thanks for stopping by,