Saturday, September 20, 2008

Smack Home Depot On The Forehead!

It’s usually not until after Halloween when my yuletide radar goes up. Having to listen to Bing Crosby’s Have Yourself A Merry Little Migraine for the entire month of December is bad enough alone.

But when stores beat me into musical submission by pretending it’s Christmas starting the first week of November, I actually pray that I do get run over by reindeer! Maybe then I'll be mercifully put out of my misery!

Thank goodness nobody would have the gall to pull this stuff out in September! That would be utterly inconceiv . . . .



I can’t boycott Home Depot this early in the year! Where else am I supposed to get my [insert inane, over-priced gardening tool that I really don’t need]?

And don’t suggest Lowe’s either – I don’t like Lowes. It’s too . . . . blue!

Yeah, home improvement projects are supposed be done in orange! Why do you think they always use orange signs for highway construction zones?

But now that the temperature has dropped all the way down into the 80’s everyone’s thinking, “Burr! Christmas must be around the corner! Better rush off to Home Depot before they run out of red and green blinking icicle lights and plastic Santa roof ornaments!”

Go ahead, run! We all know those things don't get any cheaper the closer Christmas gets so you better be the first in line!

Doesn’t anyone ever read Ecclesiastes anymore? There a time and place for everything, people! How can we possibly celebrate Christmas in September? It’s only the third week of football, for crying out loud!

Home Depot, you've just been put on notice!

(And don't call me a scrooge or a grinch! I'm right about this! Besides, I prefer "grumpy old man"!)


Laura Scott said...

WoW that's insane!

Anonymous said...

Hey Wade--

Costco had Halloween and Christmas out last week of AUGUST!

Aunt B

Anonymous said...

That week I saw the Christmas sweets in the local store and just out of protest I bought a "summer edition chocolate" with cranberries. But that one tasted so horribly that I wish I had bought the Christmas sweets instead ;-)

tara said...

Target had Christmas lawn decorations up already!!

Jennifer said...

I agree! I hate seeing all the holiday stuff out so soon. They need to let fall get here and allow us to celebrate the other 2 holidays before Christmas. Sheesh!

thekingpin68 said...

I understand that certain corporations would like to maximize profits and so they commercialize Christmas as soon, and as much, as possible.

I notice some people in this area have Christmas lights up in November already. But perhaps some in the public wish to maximize Christmas in order to counter the perceived darkness in society which may be getting worse in their view.