Sunday, March 02, 2008

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me . . .

Trey tagged me with 5 things you didn't know about me . . .

1. I cried at the end of The Green Mile. Well, it's probably more accurate to say that I got misty-eyed - although I don't think either sound very masculine.

I don't know why that movie got to me. I saw it by myself when Kelly was out of town so maybe I was already emotional because was I missing her (brownie points!).

It was pretty pathetic how I was wiping my eyes when the lights came up and blaming it on "my darn contacts" to the people next to me!

2. Although I didn't cry, I felt really bad when I accidentally killed our goldfish a few years ago. We had a counter top aquarium with about 3 or 4 fish. We had the fish for several months and I was doing a good job changing out their water and keeping their tank clean.

Unfortunately, I must have put some bad water in their tank one day because the very next morning I came downstairs to find Nemo and his family belly up.

I felt guilty all week about killing those fish! I kept thinking, "I killed God's creations!!" I think most of it was not knowing exactly what went wrong. Maybe I overfed them or perhaps they got SARS.

Regardless, I felt so bad I didn't buy any more fish. I went to the store but couldn't help imagining all the fish screaming in terror that they would have to go home with me!

3. I'm legally deaf and blind.

I've always been extremely hard of hearing because I have a "desensitized right inner ear". Essentially, the inner workings of my right ear never fully developed so I was born with poor hearing. I started wearing a hearing aid in college when audiologists were finally able to make a hearing aid that would actually help thanks to digital technology.

As for being blind, I had 20/20 vision until the 4th Grade when I shot myself in the eye with a BB gun (insert "You'll shoot your eye out!" line from The Christmas Story here).

The long story short was that I was shooting at a coffee can in my backyard when the BB ricocheted off the can and hit my bottom eye lid - had it hit my eye directly it would have ruptured my eyeball!

My eye was swollen shut for 3 days and I've had to wear extremely powerful corrective lenses ever since - without them I'm literally blind as a bat!

4. As an outward cry for attention, as well as an act of rebellion against my parents, I grew out my hair during my sophomore year in high school. My bangs touched my chin! Thank goodness there's no photographic evidence of my most awkward teen-aged phase.

5. Another act of rebellion was me insisting that I ride a Honda 100cc motorcycle for a year after I turned 15. It was actually a lot of fun. Naturally though, I thought of myself as being much cooler than I actually was.

Thanks for the tag, Trey!

Now I'll tag . . .

Kelly because, as my wife, she always seems to have stuff for me to do.

Get Off My Lawn! because he tagged me not too long ago.

Audra because I know she'll play along.

EDMC because whatever she writes will inevitably make me laugh.

And Keri because I want to know if she's still alive!!!!!!!


everydaymathchick said...

Thanks for the tag Wade... totally must have ESP or something that prompted to to "pre-write" the nature of the tag though. :-)

Loved your 5 things. I would love love love to see a picture with your bangs that long! I can't even imagine it...

LaRae shot me with a BB gun once. Not when we were kids -- more like when we were goofy and older. She was married; I was in college; we were home for Christmas; it had iced outside; and we saw the BB gun by the back door. Yep, went outside (I believe she fell on the ice a couple of times, so we were laughing pretty hard and being really goofy), and when she shot at the trash can, the BB bounced back, hit me in the neck, and GET THIS I caught it! Thankfully she hadn't pumped the gun up much. I think that was the point where "keeper" came out to get us with the warning that we were going to kill each other (or shoot our our eye)! :-)

Casdok said...

Great tag! Glad you didnt buy any more goldfish!!
Sorry to hear about your eye sounds very painfull.

Brooks Inc. said...

Wishing today that I owned a scanner, because I do have photographic evidence of those bangs...and the nice bandanna you wore to keep them out of your eyes while you were drumming your heart out.

good times!


Get Off My Lawn! said...

OK, I can do this one. I can relate to the long hair as an act of rebellion. If I hadn't started going bald back in high school, I would still have long hair.

Keri said...

OKAY, OKAY, OKAY!! I am coming out of blog hidding! :) I will get to your fun tag soon! :)

Julie said...

So glad that I can say I knew three of those things previous to this post. I actually remember my brother and I getting a talking to about our bb gun after that incident. Anytime after that that we watched The Christmas Story and we laughed my mom gave us the ole "it's not funny, remember Wade lalala..." Thanks! And I laugh at the thought of your motorcycle. It was replaced by the much cooler Supra.


You did well. I enjoyed reading more about "Wade." Thanks for playing along.